Plain and simple:
We believe there's strength in numbers.

Modern day banking hasn’t changed for the past 50 years, and the old ways of thinking and doing have held us all back. This outdated infrastructure is slowly but surely crumbling away. We can all feel it.

At Pebble, we’re shaking up the foundations. We’re rethinking personal finance, constructing a system that puts you in the driver’s seat on your financial path — whoever you are and wherever along that path you might be.

To achieve our mission, we’ve gathered an incredible team of visionary builders and investors.

Best of all? We’re just getting started.


Our Team

Aaron Bai

Co-Founder & CEO

Sahil Phadnis

Co-Founder & CTO

Torrey Leonard

Head of Product

Faisal Tameemi

Head of Engineering

Build The Money Revolution With Us