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How the Gears Work — Pebble's Business Model

This is the fourth post in our series "The Money Revolution". If you haven't read the first one, we recommend you start here.

How the Gears Work – Pebble’s Business Model

Okay, so by now you have a good idea of how the traditional banking system is failing us and how we at Pebble are building a new foundation for the future of personal finance.

But, how do we work? How do we make money and grow in order to provide you with all the empowering benefits we’ve been talking about?

Well, let’s take a look at Pebble’s business model and discuss a bit what happens behind the scenes.

In it for the Long Haul

Before we go any further, the truth of the matter is we don’t make money yet. We’re a new, nimble, and innovating company, and our focus is on building the best possible service for you.

We’re not worried about the short-term profits – we’re in this for the long haul. We believe that if we put our time, talents, and energy into making a truly superb product that upends the old ways of thinking and transforms how you interact with money, profit will come.

And, we have a whole team of investors behind us who agree. With their capital and support, we’re free to focus on our mission.

Laying a Foundation, Pebble by Pebble

One of the integral parts of Pebble is our reward system. As you interact with Pebble, through actions such as referring friends, spending at partnered merchants, setting up direct deposits, and paying bills, you’ll earn reward points. These points are aptly named “Pebbles”.

We’ll do a deeper dive into the rewards system in a future blog, but right now, you’ll be able to earn badges along with our Pebbles.

However, as our business grows, our vision is that Pebbles will grow in utility. The scope is that Pebbles will be redeemable outside of our ecosystem with trusted merchants.

Our team also holds Pebbles, and part of the team’s compensation is in Pebbles. Therefore, we’re directly aligned with making Pebbles become more useful. Put another way, we’re compelled to make an exceptional product our customers love – in order for us to succeed, our customers have to succeed first.

A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships

The theme of communal growth permeates all facets of our business. We believe we’re poised to thrive because everyone in this new financial system stands to gain.

Let’s take a look at our APY rewards, for example. We lend out short-term loans with our users’ idle, unused funds, and in return we receive rewards on these loans. In order to sustain our growth, we do keep a portion of the reward, but we pass along a substantial portion to the customer.

Our goal is that the customer is wowed by this high-percentage reward earned (as well as the entire Pebble experience) and wants to tell their friends about us. Those friends in turn join, earn Pebbles, and enjoy the benefits so much that they tell their friends about Pebble too!

And as more and more people hold Pebbles, there’ll be more places you can use them :)

Incentives from Benefiting Businesses

In an earlier blog post, we talked about how our partnered merchants gain from our cash back program because they are more directly paired with the customer. This results in cutting out a bunch of middlemen fees, and merchants happily pass along extra savings to the customer.

However, it goes a step further. We highlight our partnered merchants on our app and therefore drive customers their way. Coupled with the extra money they save on fees, partnered merchants see us as a preferred method of payment and pay an incentive to Pebble. This in turn helps us to grow and continue to benefit their business.

We touched upon it here, but how does our reward system work today, and what are our big plans for it down the line? Keep reading to get the scoop on our “Pebbles”.

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